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Friday, Apr 12, 2024

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Survivors of Sex Crimes


YourAllegations.org is a newly formed non profit organization set up after noticing the alarming  increase in sex crimes. At the present time Sexual harassment, rape, and numerous other sexual crimes against girls and young women continues unabated. Survivors of sex crimes must be heard. Given that At Your Allegations we say enough is enough. In so much as for too long, many young girls, women, and some men, have been subject to sexual behaviours that are wrong. If you have suffered workplace sexual harassment, groping, indecent exposure. You will specifically know and understand the trauma of living with such an attack on your person. It is an experience that can leave you devastated, unsure, lonely, shocked and frightened. Furthermore, other behaviors like being stalked, upskirting, and non consensual touching, can leave you equally distraught. However; most people don’t want to talk about it.

Victims Of Sex Crimes

Even social media sites like Facebook/Instagram after initially accepting our ‘ cause ‘, have deleted our page as it breaches their ‘ guidelines ‘. All because we mention harrowing testimonies of rape and sexual assault. They should know that these crimes are not pretty, and can’t be dressed up nicely. In short; We list 60 specific categories. Irrespective of Facebook’s deceision,  we march on undaunted. Post  your sexual allegations of workplace sexual harassment, groping, indecent exposure, anonymously. Notably, you must confirm that you agree to our terms & conditions & privacy policy. Furthermore; You also agree to the conditions of anonymity of yourself and all relevant parties. On balance; you wholeheartedly accept and agree that you will not copy or disseminate allegations made on the site with the intention of reposting elsewhere. Thereby causing previously anonymous data to be circulated. Please submit your sexual allegations truthfully and responsibly.

Support Your Allegations

Ultimately Your Allegations does not condone the naming of individuals who are associated with your own personal allegations & testimonies. We encourage anyone who has suffered any of these illegal practices or is a survivor of sex crimes to contact their local police. Sooner rather than later you should also obtain legal advise. Allowing you  to tell your truth can be the start of your journey. Come to terms with what happened to you. Survivors of sex crimes need all our support. Don’t allow such illegal wrong doing, perpetrated by others, to define and imprison you. Share your allegations anonymously in order to free yourself from any negative thoughts. You may find it cathartic and a respite. As soon as you act it may help you take back control of your life. By honestly, sharing, openly, and frankly, and making your testimony available to all.

Hopefully, together we can change the stigma and demeaning culture and attitudes that currently prevails in modern society. Your Allegations is not a substitute for reporting a crime to the police in the traditional way. In order for you to find your personal testimony within our platform you have the option of temporarily providing your email address. So you can receive a unique computer generated code. Your email address will automatically be deleted after the code is sent to you. The unique code can then be entered in the search box at top right of the web page to find your individual submission. We can’t provide your unique code in retrospect as it will have been deleted. Thank you for your support.


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